Lamacoids Canada

Lamacoids Canada specializes in custom laser engraved lamacoids of all kinds for
commercial and industrial applications.

These include but are not limited to :


  • Electrical labelling
  • Valve tags
  • Hydraulic labelling
  • Building signs
  • Stickers
  • Name tags
  • Pole tags
  • Locker numbers
  • SLD diagrams
  • Solar application
  • Transformer nameplates
  • Reverse engraving
  • And anything else you can think of!

We offer a large variety of materials both metal and plastic for indoor and outdoor use as well as materials for hard signage applications.

Square or beveled edges are available.

A variety of attachment methods are available such as 3M 467MP adhesive, ball and chain, zip ties and precut holes custom sized to screw sizing.

There are a multitude of colours, materials and thicknesses in 2 and 3 ply

At Lamacoids Canada we strive to work hard with our customers to maintain top quality products and meet the timeline requirements requested.